Turnabout Style Talks With Dawson Disanjh

Turnabout Style Talks with Dawson Disanjh

Fashion Marketing grad (and Susie’s assistant!) Dawson Disanjh chats about breaking into the industry, her cool capsule favourites… and why wearing trainers on set are a must.

Ok as my assistant, how weird does it feel to be interviewed by me? (laughing)

Beyond strange! I figured if this were to happen it would be the other way around, and I would be asking you the questions.

Soon enough. You have never turned down a job with me, you are always on time and you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves. You know that you’ll go far in fashion, right?

Wow, thank you. Hearing you say that is like something out of a dream. (laughs) I hope so!

Tell me about the Fashion Marketing program at Blanche Macdonald that you’ve just completed.


It was an intense year that tested me in a lot of ways. Balancing school and work full time, it wasn’t always easy -- but I’m so happy that I did it. I never thought I would enjoy school as much as I did.

You always arrived to me from school tired but happy, a really good sign. Did you always think you’d end up in this business or did you fall into it? Are you obsessed with fashion or the business of fashion... or both.

I definitely fell into it. Fashion has always been a passion of mine but pursuing a career in the industry never initially crossed my mind. As I started thinking about my future, it just made more and more sense. My obsession with the business side came even later than that - and kicked off when I started working with you.

Blush! Ok but it also gets expensive to look pulled together, especially when you’re just starting out and you’re working on set around so much fancy. What are some of your self-styling secrets?

Having lots of neutral, simple base pieces. I always start with one neutral piece, then I style my statement pieces around that..

Favourite item you’ve found at Turnabout?

Right now I have my sights set on the Gucci Ace sneakers with the bows on them -- so cute!

I feel you. And even though Turnabout is 40 years old, I feel like your generation has truly grown up with an evolved understanding of luxury consignment. Would you agree?

Definitely. I think consignment has been so popular because people are educating themselves on fast fashion. Luxury consignment also adds that extra feeling of exclusivity.

If you were to build a capsule collection for a fashion industry newbie, tell me which six pieces you’d start with.

An oversized leather jacket, puffer jacket, a turtleneck sweater, white t-shirt, boyfriend style jeans and a pair of white sneakers.

I LOVE it! And what’s your go-to uniform working on set? I love that you always show up in trainers that you can run around in instead of 5-inch booties. Good girl.

(laughs) Yeah, sneakers are my go to! I’ll usually wear jeans and a sweater of some sort. I’ve learned to wear layers and be comfortable because there’s a lot of moving around throughout the day.


(laughing) What’s the most stressful thing I’ve ever asked you to do?

When you asked me to style you! I was so nervous and definitely felt the pressure.

Sorry. But you did great. And good or bad, what’s the best lesson you’ve learned working alongside me (besides to laugh a ton, which we’re very good at).

In a short amount of time, you’ve taught me so much it’s hard to pick just one thing. It goes along with that though, you’ve shown me how important it is to have fun with the people you work with and the clothes you’re styling.

I adore you, Dawson. Please hire me one day.