Fashion Friday: Milano Men’s Fashion Week 2019

Fashion Friday: Milano Men's Fashion Week

Milano Men’s Fashion Week 2019 concluded in a flurry of bold prints, crazy colours; the trendy, the classic, and the retro. Outside the doors of the official runways, street style was documented by a barrage of photographers who jostled to capture the spirit of the event.

Fashions’ heavy-hitters all headlined, and speculation was everywhere regarding the future success of the Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection and the designers that created them.

Let’s focus on five of the most recognizable names in fashion and for each showcase three very wearable looks, plus one out-there look that will appeal to that little part of each of us that wants to make a statement!


Classic Looks with a Casual Vibe

Ermenegildo Zegna staged their runway in the impressive Milano Centrale Station. A household name in luxury for decades, now being led by director Alessandro Sartori (formerly of Berluti), presented a very wearable collection of contemporary city-oriented looks in lush fabrics.

Models looked impeccable in tailored pieces including the traditional ‘bomber’ jacket in different lengths, trim, and puffer level. Interestingly, a single-button jacket was introduced which veers away from the current 2-button trend and counters the 3-button that popped up on the Marni runway.

It is also a pleasure to note that a quarter of the collection used wool, cashmere, and nylon fabrics from pre-existing sources that were recycled and repurposed.


Kind-of Canadian, eh?

There was a definite ‘Canadiana’ vibe happening at Versace with its red, white, and black palette! Blink twice and all those edgy patterns become plaid. Add toques, scarves, and big boots, and this collection would be the perfect transition collection for our chilly fall climate. Apparently, Donatella was exploring the theme of ‘bondage’ with this collection, (although we didn’t get that vibe), she added strap imagery to tee shirts and furthered the illusion with belting and leather accessories. Another tip-off: Wide hockey referee stripes! 

The Sophisticated Gent

The immortal Karl Lagerfeld has ruled Fendi for more than 50 years, and as each collection moves down the runway, less and less of the brands signature fur is present. The taste level has been elevated to sophistication, and this Autumn/Winter 2019 collection is playful with its exploration of volume and creation of asymmetry with colour rather than cut. The puffer coat was beyond exaggerated for the businessman, but it is compelling for its use of a print created from historical scrapbook notes Lagerfeld wrote to Silvia Fendi, scion of the company.

Retro Misfits

Marni’s Francesco Risso jumped in the hot tub time machine and went way back—all the way to the 1970s. The collection is rife with references to another time and place where ‘too much’ ruled the racks. Corduroy, knits, leather, and mohair were the dominate fabrics, and the prints were a reproduced homage to the 1976 animated film 'Allegro non troppo.' Marni has always been a little out in left field, and this collection affirms that Risso has no plans on playing it safe in 2019.

Mary Shelley Gets Chic

The horror genre and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein inspired this dark and gorgeous Prada collection. Colours were riche, knits tailored, and thick satin was utilized for trousers, jackets, and trim. The silhouette was lean with double belting visible on almost every look that came down the runway. Frankenstein motifs were dominant primarily in the knitwear and silks with ombre flames, lightning bolts, and pierced hearts. As separates these pieces are very wearable and will fit into a stylish wardrobe that plays with classic cuts.

Whether your taste runs a touch conservative, has an appreciation for the status quo, or desires an explosion of colour to really feel fantastic, Milano Men’s Fashion Week truly had something for everyone. As this bi-annual event fades into memory, we at Turnabout would love to see you soon at any of our locations exploring your personal style and trying-on new pieces to add to your wardrobe.