2022: The Year in Review

A New Year Begins!

As a business that closed during covid, I am thankful that Turnabout has not only survived but has come back stronger than ever. I am grateful for our group of Managers and Senior staff that worked through covid even behind closed doors. They gave up their commission, worked hard as a team, and never gave up on helping me get "back in the black”.

I am humbled by all of our amazing clients that have supported us all of these years, your continued loyalty means everything to us. And I am thrilled to welcome in so many new clients… this past season, it seems that everyone decided it was time to clear out their closets! We face this new year with four priorities:

1. Uncover new ways to support our sellers whether they are consigning or selling outright.
2. Continue to improve store appearances and merchandising to make shopping easier.
3. Offer Managers and their store teams more training, support and financial growth plans.
4. In 2022, $85,225 was raised for great causes through sales at our not-for-profit shop Turnabout Community. Our goal for 2023 is to double that and support more community organizations that seek to fundraise through clothing drives.

Our world of resale is a lifestyle giving new life to quality clothing & accessories. Regardless of the financial climate, politics, or our own personal situations or events, a great wardrobe will always be important and a fabulous new look will always brighten a day. I am excited to start a new year, to work with our teams and help them do their best for you, to play with all the beautiful clothing and accessories that come through our doors, and to enjoy all of the new opportunities that 2023 brings.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, New Year with a closet full of great looks for every occasion that 2023 brings you!

Joy Mauro