With a careful curation of luxury and contemporary brands, eight beautiful boutique environments, and a mission to make high-quality fashion accessible for all, Turnabout’s 43 years of success are thanks to a focus on innovation and community. This direction is spearheaded by Turnabout founder Joy Mauro, who has built one of Canada’s largest and most successful retail empires in the fashion resale industry.

Joy first hung up a shingle along Vancouver’s Granville Street at age 23 in 1978. Now a mother to three grown boys, Joy and her husband Mario are deeply committed to providing a supportive and encouraging environment for the Turnabout family.

With a philanthropic mindset and compassionate nature, Joy has partnered with several social wellness charities over the years to provide a multitude of fundraising opportunities. It was this same resolute spirit that led to the launch of Turnabout’s Fraser Street location, a not-for-profit store aptly named Turnabout Community. This concept retail shop operates on a cost recovery model, with all profits donated to charity, making Turnabout Canada’s first luxury clothing reseller to add an entirely non-profit location to its business model.

Catering to the sustainably-driven fashionista that’s intent on saving the planet, the constant closet-renewer who captures every trend, and the striving minimalist that knows the value in their wardrobe and how fast it can turn into cash, Turnabout has something for everyone – and everything in between. You can rest assured that no matter the location, your treasure hunt for unique and memorable pieces begins here.


Circa 1978, Joy Mauro, Founder & Owner in her First Store