Commercial Only: No Outright Buying or New Accounts Available

Comunity is Closed Until Further Notice

Sell With Us
We pride ourselves on delivering a service that's authentic, professional, personal, and honest.

Welcoming contemporary and sought-after brands ranging from Lulu and Aritzia to Chanel and Hermes. Our collection encompasses a wide range of items for all genders, including clothing, footwear, handbags, jewelry, belts, scarves, and hats. We maintain an exclusive focus on articles that are no older than two to three years, ensuring each piece is in pristine, like-new condition. The only vintage we accept is top end designer brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, and Versace.

Consignment rates from 40 - 80%
Outright Buying rates from 30 - 60%
Depending on price and desirability

Resale Buyer Hours

Tuesday-Saturday: 11am-5pm

No appointment necessary

Sell with us at Granville, West Broadway, Main & 13th, Commercial Drive, South Surrey, Oak Bay in Victoria

New to Turnabout?

Bring 1-2 medium size bags and we'll assess if Turnabout is right for you

Have a current consignment account?

Just drop off your items and we sort, list on your account, and donate unsaleable

Consignor Login

Once items are inventoried on your account you can track all of your items and sales

Things to Know

  • Please do not visit multiple locations. All Buyers sort the same.
  • We typically do not start consignment accounts for a single item (depends on value)
  • Consignment accounts must make $300.00 or more per quarterly payouts
  • Outright Buy must be minimum $100.00
  • Pricing is based on current market trends, desirability/quantity of an item
  • Anything not selected during a sort will be returned same day
  • We cannot hold items overnight. You must return by 5pm same day otherwise items will be donated
  • Consignors are required to sign a contract before we can process items
  • Outright Buys require providing ID with our acceptance form

What can I Consign?

  • We accept spring / summer February-June and fall / winter August-December
  • We are brand and style specific.
  • Items must be cleaned and in good condition with no stains, rips, pilling, missing buttons, etc. Please curate.

What Happens to my Consigned Items?

  • Items will be appraised and inventoried on your account. This process typically takes up to 2 weeks
  • Only high value brands can be accepted off season and are stored by us for the appropriate season
  • Third party appraisals will be charged if required
  • COUNTERFEIT ITEMS are charged a $100.00 fee to return to you or are destroyed
  • Once put on the sales floor, our selling period is six months
  • Items are discounted as necessary and guaranteed pricing can only be negotiated on items we are selling for $2,000.00 or more
  • We donate to our fundraising shop COMMUNITY where we raise money for local organizations such as Dress for Success, Cause We Care, Big Sisters Sources, and more.

*Check our contract for more details. These are guideline only. We reserve all rights to make any adjustments.

Not sure how to describe your items?
Use "Request a Manual Quote" to send pictures and add comments.
Submissions will receive a reply within two business days.


Every three months we pay out all of our consignment accounts that have more than $50.00 owing. Your cheque will be available at the Turnabout location that you consigned with. You can also use any money owed to you while shopping at any of our store locations!

If your balance owing is $500.00 or more, you are welcome to request a cheque at anytime either by emailing or chatting with your buyer. Please note that we will require one weeks notice.

Consignor Login

Track your account balance, recent activity, and send a request through the online Consignor Login. When first logging in, your email address acts as your log in and password; afterwards, you will be prompted to create a new password for security.


  Donations & Unsold Items

When you consign or sell outright at Turnabout, any items that we are unable to accept can be donated. Any consigned items that do not sell will be donated if not picked up at the end of the season.

Donated items go to Turnabout Community, our not for profit fundraising shop at 4180 Fraser Street, which supports excellent organizations throughout the Lower Mainland and items we cannot sell are donated to shelters and other fundraising endeavours.