Authenticity Commitment

Turnabout’s commitment to authenticity is at the core of everything we do. We understand the value of trust in the luxury resale market.

Digital and Physical Authentication

At Turnabout, we go beyond typical authentication processes to achieve unparalleled accuracy in spotting counterfeits. We have a rigorous, brand-specific authentication process. Our Buyers combine technical skills, industry expertise, advanced machine learning-based algorithms, and AI systems to ensure the highest level of accuracy for every inspection.

We inspect every item for stamping, stitching, hardware, authenticity stamps, date codes, serial number (where applicable), materials, craftsmanship, brand markings, and holograms. Turnabout also uses the services of third-party authenticators, who can provide certificates of authenticity. *Fees apply.

We prefer that all designer handbags, jewelry, and accessories arrive at our stores with

a) proof of authenticity or b) proof of payment/ownership.

Fine jewelry should have an appraisal.

No Counterfeit Policy

We have a strict zero-tolerance policy against counterfeit goods. The sale of counterfeit products is illegal and undermines the integrity of the luxury resale industry. Turnabout will charge a $100.00 fine for an item determined to be counterfeit.

Trademark Acknowledgment

Turnabout acknowledges that we are an independent reseller of luxury fashion goods. We are not an authorized dealer or representative of the brands we sell. All trademarks, brand names, and logos mentioned on our site belong to their respective owners. They are used solely to describe the products being sold and their origins. Our use of these trademarks, brand names, and logos is not intended to suggest any affiliation with or endorsement by their rightful owners.

Shipping to Turnabout?

If there's any suspicion that the item(s) are counterfeit, we will request:

a) proof of authenticity or b) proof of payment.

For items determined to be counterfeit the consignor a) May request that the item(s) be returned to them at their expense or b) authorize Turnabout to dispose of item(s) in a timely manner.