For Clothing Consignment:

We accept all sizes from Petite to Plus. Items should current and no more than 3 years old. We do, however, accept some classic designer items over 3 years old.

Please ensure that all items are in excellent condition (like-new), clean and free of damage, stains & odor. We do not accept clothing with marks & excessive wear.

All items must be authentic.

All items must be authentic. For designer accessories, original receipts/packaging/dust bags are highly encouraged. Items with the original tags & verification of purchase are consigned at a higher price. The more you are able to authenticate, the more you make!

When possible our highly trained staff will authenticate in house. When necessary, we use two outside authenticating services (at consignee’s expense) for a written appraisal on high ticket items.

Consignors make 40% of the final selling price. Our managers will often negotiate on high ticket items up to 65% (items must be appraised at $3,000.00+ for max commision).

For immediate payment on your approved items, we offer an outright buy for 25% cash or 30% store credit (of resale price).

Items are priced according to competitve market value, but the appraised price might not be the final price - items are markdown due to sales promotions and length of time in store.

Payouts are issued by cheque quarterly (March, June, September, December) on the third tuesday of the month. Money owed on your account can also be used for shopping at any of our locations.

Unsold items are donated to Turnabout-approved local charities, including Sources BC in Surrey,  BC Children’s Hospital’s 'Still Fabulous' shop and Cause We Care.

Consignor login is available for you to view items sold/unsold & account balance anytime & anywhere.
To register follow these steps:
  • Visit www.turnabout.ca and click 'Consignor Login' on the main menu bar.
  • Your default password is the email address associated with your consignment account.
  • Once logged in, you can then create a unique password by clicking 'Change Password' in the left menu bar.

We strongly recommend taking care of any cleaning & repairs prior to consigning. If laundering or repairs are necessary, we will charge your account for any extra outside servicing. Garment quality & condition is an important part of our business.

You may become a Turnabout consignee & ship your items to us from anywhere in Canada. Please see our Ship To Us page for more information.

For Home Consignment:

Please allow 48 hrs for evaluation. Once our team of professionals have recieved your email & evaluated your items they will contact you!

All home furnishings and decor are property of the consignor until purchase. You may reclaim your items at any time. Items not accepted for consignment can be donated to charity, unclaimed & unsold items will become the property of Turnabout.

The appraised price is the fair market value, but it might not be the final price - items are marked down due to sales promotions and length of time in store.

Rewards points earned at our Home Store can be used at any of our six Turnabout locations.

We are happy to help arrange movers to pickup and transport your home furnishings to our location on South Granville. You can request to have the moving fee charged to your consignment account. Please prearange moving time with our staff, our contract form must be signed before we can take possession of your items.