Take on the Closet Clean Out with Megan Golightly

Our client and amazing closet organizer, Megan Golightly, founder of Go Simplified, has been helping people declutter for 14 years. She simplifies the lives of clients including Jillian Harris, Jann Arden, and Sarah Nicole Landry (aka @TheBirdsPapaya).

Megan believes that there's a cost to clutter, it is financial, it’s emotional, it's energy, it's time, it's self-esteem. She helps people to look at their closet DIFFERENTLY.

"Clutter really is something that hasn't earned the right to be in your house, a closet can be a great managed space if you take the time to set it up right."

We spoke to Megan, and here are a few of her tips.

How do you approach a closet clean out?

Start by taking everything out, everything you put back has to earn the right to be there.

What that means is asking yourself "Do I love this?", "If it was in the store right now, would I buy it for full price?", "Am I using this currently, when was the last time I wore it?".

Don’t hang onto something because you spent a lot of money on it, keeping it doesn’t bring the money back. ConsigN AND receive a return and let someone else love it.


- Megan Golightly


Going through covid was definitely a time of change and reevaluation of what matters most. That phase of your life when you went to galas, visited an office every day, or went out dancing, may be over. Look honestly at your current lifestyle, keep what you're wearing in your life now.

Are there certain items that you recommend your clients keep?

There are certainly pieces that are timeless, but you need to pick your battles. You can't push the capacity of your closet walls.

The other thing is to be mindful when you're shopping in the first place.

Take the time to consider "Why am I buying this? Is it in hopes that I'll fit it soon, or to impress someone? Do I have similar items? Is it because it's on sale? Do I love the way I feel when I wear it, does it make me smile?"

Make sure you're buying for the right reasons, that way, you hang onto it for the right reasons too.

Remember, having too much of something makes nothing special.

Don’t keep anything because it reminds you of a moment, or an event, and you’re holding onto that memory. You need to give yourself the self care and the worth of living in the moment, to know in your heart that you’re keeping it because it's great now, not because it was great in the past or may potentially be in the future.

I think many people feel trapped, often times they're mourning an event that wasn't what they had hoped, or are hanging onto a memory of a size they'd once been. It's not stressful to enter your closet if you know that your clothes fit you, and you're not insulting your self-esteem every morning trying to put on a pair of jeans, and shaming yourself when you're not where you had hoped to be. Let it go.

We're so glad that you choose to bring your clients' items to Turnabout, what keeps you coming back to us?

Turnabout has a great storefront presence, the locations are easy to find, and parking is always available. The experience is effortless really because I don't need an appointment, you take in such a wide array of brands, and you make the overall process really simple for me.

That’s so great to hear, our service is what we pride ourselves on. So then, what words come to mind when you think of Turnabout?

"The word fresh comes to mind, it's funny because it's not necessarily 'new', but I like that the experience and the items feel fresh. I would also say friendly!"

- Megan Golightly

Thank you so much for all of your insights, we're so glad that you have chosen Turnabout as the go-to for your clients, not only because of the amazing items you bring us, but because it's a pleasure to work with you.

Is there anything else that you WOULD like people to know about decluttering?

It's all about progress, not perfection. I feel that people think they need to have this amazing home edit closet, and I think that's really unattainable for most people. You're not going to fail, just don't think that it has to be done quickly. You need to make an appointment with yourself to clean out your closet, and do it at least once a year.

PS - We love Megan's great selection of organizational inspirations. Check out Megan's Amazon storefront and her website's helpful how-to guides, and follow her on Instagram @gosimplified for more tips.