Sustainability Spotlight: Genieve Burley on Raising Conscious Consumers

Sustainability Spotlight: Genieve Burley on Raising Conscious Consumers

When local chiropractor and influencer Genieve Burley takes her daughters consignment shopping, it’s a full throttle family affair. They scan the racks for each other - trying on accessories and modelling their getups. At ages 9 and 11, and with their mama as stylish inspiration - Genieve’s mini me’s have become experts of the cool treasure hunt.

Turnabout is proud to play host to families across generations. Genieve explains why raising her girls as conscious consumers holds deep value for her…


When did you start shopping resale and why is second-hand shopping such an import part of your lifestyle.

I started feeling gross around retail 3 years ago when my dear friend @erinireland and I started the Mindful Book Club and realized that “fast fashion” takes a HUGE toll on our environment, and in labour in poorly developed countries. I also became fully vegan around this time, and could simply not buy any animal based products from the primary market (which would increase the demand for animal made products). The only alternative became to buy well made garments the second time around. I didn’t want to compromise my love of fashion with new commitments to my values, so consignment was the golden answer.


Your girls shop second-hand like seasoned pros! How did you inspire them to get interested in shopping second-hand?

I taught them all about my values around the environment at a young age, and they became very aware of poorly constructed, cheap clothing found at kids stores. We started buying their clothes at MGuillicuddy’s in Kerrisdale when they were young, and for the past year I have been able to find small women’s shoes and clothing at Turnabout for them. They also LOVE high fashion and accessories. It’s a really fun thing for us to do, and we see it as a treasure hunt.


With so much advertising today surrounding trendy, fast-fashion brands, how do you keep your girls interested in shopping sustainably?

Well, luckily they are turned off by all the fast fashion brands, they refuse to shop at the Gap, Zara, H&M, etc. because they know it comes as a price to the labourers and the environment, and that these places take up a big ecological footprint by the size of their stores, the plastic bags etc.


Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to second-hand shopping?

I like to look at Instagram and see what has come in that is new, it’s nice that there is often stories with sizes so I have an idea of what has come in store. I have a good awareness of full price retail on a lot of designer clothing, so I can always spot a good deal. I look at where the garment is made, feel the weight of it, and can tell quality by how it fits the body. (clearly I’ve invested too much time in this LOL)


Outfit #1: Isabel Marant Blouse & Yves Saint Laurent Shorts | Outfit #2: Miu Miu Sweater & Givenchy Mules | Outfit #3: Rachel Zoe Dress with Brian Atwood Heels


What are some of your favourite up and coming fashion trends for the warmer seasons?

1. Light weight, cute hats for sun protection.
2. Espadrilles to wear with shorts or dresses.
3. Layering of different bracelets, a Hermes leather wrap with a Tiffany’s link bracelet.
4. Add a pop of colour with a silk scarf and match it to your lip colour
5. Wearing whites and linens with jeans.

Genieve's Outfit: Isabel Marant Dress, JW Anderson Bag, Valentino Rockstud Espadrilles

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