Happy Lunar New Year | Year of the Ox

We are so excited to welcome the Year of the Ox!

In Chinese culture, we clear out the previous year’s energy to welcome in the good luck of the new year. And, well, the way 2020 went, we could all do with some cleansing.

People born in the year of the Ox are very hardworking and methodical. Yellow and green are their lucky colours.

It is recommended to clean and organize a few days before the arrival of the lunar new year (Friday, February 12) because good luck needs a clear path to enter.

And speaking of cleaning, now is the perfect time to clean out your closets.

Why? It’s great for the environment, it supports charity initiatives, your pre-loved items will be loved by someone else, and what if we told you that you could find $500 in your closet?

How many sweaters or shoes do you have that you no longer wear? Probably plenty. Instead, you can find them a new home and earn money from it.

Turnabout is currently accepting spring/summer items. We love men’s and women’s contemporary and designer clothing, jewelry, bags and shoes. From coveted labels like Chanel and Tiffany & Co to premium brands like Aritzia and Lululemon.

Our buyers are in from Tuesday to Saturday from 11AM - 5PM. No appointment needed.

Now that you’ve decluttered, you’ll be able to start the new year energized and accumulate good luck.