International Women’s Day with founder Joy Mauro

This International Women's Day, we sat down with Turnabout founder and CEO to chat about leadership, working with family, and how being a female founder has impacted the business.
1. You opened the first Turnabout store in 1978 and have since grown the business to what it is today. How has being a female founder contributed to Turnabout's success?
I LOVE my clients. I have seen some of them through marriages, divorces, children, grandchildren, and some clients are already second generation! We share a love for beautiful clothing, bags, accessories, footwear. Resale is so guilt free and fun. We clear out what we aren’t using to make room and $$ for the next great piece, feel better about bad buys, support sustainability, plus shopping resale means unique finds and special purchases. I don’t know many men that really find the same satisfaction in their work!
2. You are a mother, CEO, winner of the 2020 Surrey Women in Business Award, the list goes on! How do you balance it all?
Some days well, some days, not at all!   I have 3 boys that at this time all live at home and I love filling the fridge and cooking dinners, my husband and I are new parents to a baby mini schnauzer and getting out for long walks with him is wonderful, I love the community initiatives that Turnabout supports and fundraises for, and, being part of their events is a lot of fun, LOVE my eight shops and working as a Buyer, never tired of the next great closet clean out that walks in the door, always looking at what we can do better, and having my family involved (my 3 sons work with me) makes everything special. And, I love the women I get to work with and call my friends.  
3. What does International Women's Day mean to you?
Women are the backbone of everything in this world and I love that we can celebrate that. We have so much to work with - we know how to multi task, we are resourceful and are able to pivot as needed. We understand communication and are able to collaborate. We have so many choices and really so much power in how we live. All it takes is the confidence to believe and trust yourself.  
4. What would you say to other female entrepreneurs who are looking to work in the fashion industry?
Being an entrepreneur is really a journey of learning about yourself. Finding your passion and working hard is the first step. You have got to love what you do to the point that it’s not about the money. (Bury me with beautiful clothes and accessories and I’m happy).   Then, paying attention to where you are succeeding and where you are failing is how you find what supports you need, who you are and who you need on the bus with you to create the success you want. It takes time both to figure yourself out and to find the right people to work with you.  
5. Who are some women that inspire you?
I am both inspired and humbled by so many people that support Turnabout. The young employee that is working hard to create a career, a lifestyle and, afford to live in Vancouver, my fellow managers that came to work through covid and still stand beside me in our vision for Turnabout’s future, my sisters that are always there for me while they both have amazing busy careers, and good friends. Good friends that challenge you by the example they set are so important. I am blessed with a circle of amazing friends.