Turnabout Style Talks With Sara Sutton

Turnabout Style Talks with Sara Sutton

Meet screenwriter, hockey mama and beloved Vancouverite Sara Sutton. From a shared affinity for frosty lipstick (Susie swore by Zinc Pink!) to babies and well beyond, there’s a reason these two have been stylish friends since the 80’s.

Sara! You were ah-mazing as our Turnabout model. Tell me how far out of your comfort zone this shoot was for you…

Pretty far. But I had a great coach - thanks to you - and it was great for me to do something that felt, quite honestly, indulgent. Weekday mornings for me don’t usually involve Louboutin’s and Stella McCartney.

Those Lou’s boots are so you, though! Classic and cool. And we are super grateful that you trusted our team to have you in product from both of our Granville Street locations. Was there one look that you wouldn’t have considered, but that you ended up loving?

That’s tough actually. I was so happy with all the looks and I feel like they all captured a part of my personality. I did love the casual elegance of the burgundy Babaton coat, YSL clutch and denim. It’s something I could see translating easily into my life.

I love you in wine tones. I remember the first time I saw you, it was 1987 – you were wearing a pale grey sweater skirt, a blue Polo button down and frosty pink lipstick. (laughing) You were a John Hughes movie! Is there an item from the 80’s you wish you’d held onto? I’m glad you held onto me, btw.

Full disclosure? I still love a light pink lip shade… I think I would have to say I wish I still had a few of pairs of jeans. There is nothing like an old pair of Levi’s and I had some sweet Jordache’s too. Are we old enough to call them vintage? Actually don’t answer that.

I’ve been in your wardrobe walk-in Sar, and a few years ago I placed a full lifetime ban on you from buying another grey cardi wrap. Did you listen to me?! And what key three pieces are you searching for to round out your winter wardrobe?

Yes. I listened. (laughing) Although I have to say my current grey cardi wrap is looking pretty dingy since the ban on new ones. I’m loving winter white and cream right now in layering pieces and I’ve recently rediscovered my love for black turtlenecks. Like most Vancouverites I have a mild obsession with coats so I’m always on the lookout for interesting additions to the hall closet.

The black turtleneck is the wardrobe weapon of everyone from fashion interns and top stylists around the globe. It looks expensive and pulls any look together.  Good answer. Now you’re a screenwriter as well as a mum to two teenaged boys. Is it accurate to describe your work/mom look as cozy-casual? What’s your daily uniform?

Cozy casual is bang-on. I spend a lot of time at home writing. Comfort is key but being able to jump up and head out when I’ve lost track of time (laughing) is important too. A versatile wardrobe is really key for me. Being able to tweak stuff I wear all the time, like a pair of jeans, is really important. Like many moms I can go from a meeting to a hockey rink and back to a work function in a matter of hours – so my clothes have to be able to keep up.

What’s your biggest challenge when searching for a new outfit?

For me, definitely fit. It’s always a challenge to find clothes that I feel really good in.

But you’re one of those unicorns who needs zero makeup! And I know you aspire to live a Marie Kondo existence… how is your move towards minimalism going in the closet department? Is it tough for you to let go of items?

For a long time it was. I tend to be pretty conservative in my clothing purchases so letting go of stuff is difficult. But consigning with Turnabout has really helped with that. If I’m not wearing a piece, I can recognize someone else will and I get something out of it, too.

Absolutely. And you are a longtime Turnabout consignor and shopper. Is it important to you to participate in the circular clothing chain?

Absolutely. Aside from the fact that some of my favourite pieces have come from Turnabout it’s great to know that I can purchase high quality clothing and when I want to phase it out of my wardrobe, it has a place to go.

Do you have a celebrity style inspiration?

Hmmm. That's a tough one for me. I admire celebrities for their style for sure, but I really love when someone - celebrity or not, really owns their look. The confidence is apparent - and contagious.


A few years ago, you won a hard-fought battle against Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. How did coming out of that journey change your relationship with your body.

I’m a lot more forgiving, for sure. We all have parts of us we wish were different, smaller or perkier or smoother. I try not to focus on those things, do what I can to change them but be grateful for the skin I’m in at the same time.

And you and I had some serious beauty low points during those months. I remember trying on wigs with you and stressing over eyebrow pencils. Details that may seem trite now, but they really weren’t. From the outside it seemed to be about finding a new normal in the mirror, would you agree?

Oh absolutely. A 'new normal' became one of my most used phrases. On reflection it was a great journey for me. I recognized that I still could be beautiful - even without hair or eyebrows (laughing). I’ve been able to carry that with me. You were so amazing during that time! Thank you for taking care of me.

In fact, it has been the other way around. Thank you for sitting down with me, my beautiful friend. Turnabout loves you!