Turnabout Style Talks With Tirra Dent

Turnabout Style Talks with Tirra Dent

Crushing those New Year’s #getfit goals? January was a long month. Susie sits down with Tirra Dent, a personal trainer at South Granville’s @VIPFitness (and Susie’s fitness guru!) to chat about strong females, daily commitments and why Susie wears jean jackets to the gym...

Tirra! I love having YOU in the hot seat for a change. Thank you for sitting down with me. Did you enjoy our Turnabout photo shoot or was it painful?!

Hahaha I love you Susie, you are always such fun to have at VIP. It was a blast, so creative and quirky which is so up my alley. It was such a great experience working with you.

It was super fun! And happy. My sister Andrea often reminds me to remember what brings me joy and to nurture that. What brings you joy?

Connecting with people. Slowing down to try and understand who this person truly is and giving them the space to feel safe to show you. Creating seriously powerful bonds filled with love and respect is everything to me. And being a strong woman also gives me such pleasure. I try to have fun with it and enjoy challenging myself. But keep the competition between you and yourself, it’s so much more rewarding than judging yourself against others. The mental game is everything, so don't let yourself give in, don't ever say I can't. Keep exploring what your body is capable of, because trust me it’s capable of so much more then you think it is. And when you kill it? Give yourself some serious love. And when you could have done better? Move on, tomorrow is another chance to prove to yourself what you can do.

Such sage advice. Now I know you’re pretty new to consignment shopping but I’m now proud to call you a convert. What were you most surprised by when you checked out both of Turnabout’s South Granville stores?


Well, first I want to say that the selection of clothing is amazing. And I felt beautiful and original in every piece that I wore for the shoot. But I was so pleasantly surprised to know that you also carry active wear. I'll definitely be coming by to freshen up my wardrobe.

Woot! OK let’s talk about gym style. I’ll admit that some of my VIP workout getups can push the envelope… jean jackets, toques, cargo pants, etc. What’s your ultimate gym style?

A great pair of yoga pants that fit just right. High-waisted and paired with a relaxed crop top that reveals the upper abs. It’s an awesome way to look effortlessly sexy and feel confident at the gym. (laughs) And I also wouldn't mind spicing up my life with one of your toques.

Ha! Well and so many people make New Year’s fitness resolutions but struggle to keep them. Life sets in, things get busy, we make excuses. What’s your perspective on consistency?

It’s everything. Here at VIP we believe in life balance - no extremes. You want to choose goals that are realistic and measurable. Build up those mini goals until you have your life feeling balanced… one that you can maintain for a lifetime, not just a season.

You know my vices are sour keys and gummy bears. You look like you have zero vices.  Am I wrong?!

Yes. Peanut butter. If it’s in my home, I can't help myself. I'm talking by the spoonful. But my way to deal with vices is, out of sight out of mind. Just don’t buy it. And don't pretend you'll be able to control yourself. Just no. Get rid of it!

Wait. Peanut Butter? (laughs) OK I need serious help. Moving on! I love that a lot of VIP Fitness clients are also Turnabout clients. And a lot of people don’t know that we carry active wear – which to buy full retail is a fortune. Why is being socially conscious with your purchases so important to you?

As a trainer I’m in active wear all the time. I love buying good brands because they look great for longer and fit so well.  Having variety is key. Shopping luxury consignment, I can buy several outfits for the price of one - so Turnabout is my kind of place. Feeling confident in what I'm wearing also gives me energy at work and during my workouts. Feeling self-conscious takes away from my focus, and no one has time for that.

Your skin and hair are amazing. Besides getting a regular sweat on, what are the secrets behind your glow?

I do believe that taking care of yourself inside and out is important. It feels amazing when you look as good as you feel. Having a daily regime - gentle cleanser, daily hydrator, eye cream, a night mask – as well as staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep and eating well. Those daily commitments will always show on the outside. For hair that's an easy one, natural baby! Enough with too many products and curling and straightening, work with what you’ve got. Healthy hair is sexy hair.

I couldn’t agree more. As my trainer, you are constantly uplifting and inspiring me to be better, to push further and to stay open to the possibilities. Who inspires and uplifts you?

I am constantly inspired by my clients. How hard they work, how much emotional and mental strength they have. They push through obstacles week and after week. Every break through, every accomplishment - how can that not inspire? Every time I train I think of them. I am so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful clients.

Tirra thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love you mama!!