What's Trending for 2022

What's old is new in 2022

Small screen hits like “And Just Like That” (the new Sex and The City reboot) and “Emily in Paris” have amped up our drive to get dressed up again! There has been a resurgence of designer fashion and here’s a fun fact, it’s almost all consignment, NOT NEW! How exciting is that? It makes it seem possible that all of us real folk can afford to dress like our favorite characters.

Even if you’re not a fan of Carrie or Emily’s outrageous ensembles (I dress more like Stanford, may he RIP), you can at least find the joy and humor in their ever so bold fashion choices, and you have to appreciate the extravagant vibes above all else.

The shows' styling can be summed up as loosely as anything goes, less is not enough, and maximalist fashion has arrived. Capsule who?

These are the trends to note;

  • Bags bags bags, everything from Fendi baguette bags to Louis Vuitton pochettes
  • Large statement pieces and accessories like oversized belts and blinged-out broaches
  • Mini skirts and mini dresses (Jacquemus mini dresses are peak fashion 2022)
  • Mixing bold colors with eye-catching prints
  • Tons of textures, think feathers and sequins
  • Trousers, loose blazers, and trenches circa 1980 in New York

As we head further into 2022, Turnabout staff have been honing in on their fashion resolutions. One beloved staff member at our Victoria location, Grace Nicholas, said she wanted to emulate “cool French-girl style”....neutrals, simplistic style, yet classic and chic. She hasn’t seen either show so obviously, the trend has been circulating the internet.


Other staff mentioned the ethical turn that's happening within the fashion world. People are now becoming aware of the impact that these fast fashion houses have on our environment, and we’re noticing a new approach starting to happen - curated, thrifted and consigned clothing.

What once was old is considered to be new again.

Here at Turnabout, we never stop taking in luxury handbags, clothing and accessories. If you have designer pieces in your closet that you’re realistically never going to wear again, now’s the time to consign and get paid. What are you holding onto them for? Turn old memories into new stories.