Looking for Professionals to Partner with Turnabout

Let us work together to build the Turnabout community and help spread the word of resale. Check out our Professional Programs below to learn how a partnership with Turnabout could benefit your business!

1. Referral Incentive Program

‘RIP’ is specially established for Personal Stylists, Wardrobe Consultants, and Professional Organizers of homes/closets. To say thank you for your return business and referrals, we have developed this program to reward you for every referred client that sets up an account with Turnabout.


2. Influencer Incentive Program

Turnabout is thrilled with the growing interest in pre-loved, second-hand and consignment retail within the blogger and fashion community. We support your creative endeavours and wish to encourage growth in this industry. Turnabout offers the ‘IIT’ program to reward shoppers and consignors who share their Turnabout purchase/experience online or through social media and blog posts.

How it works: Approved persons are encouraged to borrow - up to five items - for one day from any of our six locations in the Lower Mainland with the understanding that they will create social media postings or a blog piece about an outfit created with these items. Send us a link to the posts and we will increase your Turnabout Rewards Program to a preferred rate of 5% points back to you. The increase also applies if you purchase a piece from Turnabout and do the creation and notification.


3. Stylist Pull Program

Do you work in film or television? Turnabout is a great resource for unique, interesting and fabulous wardrobes. Did you know that film stylists are frequently in all our shops and pulling/purchasing for their clients? Join them in sourcing amazing pieces for your next projects. Please note: all items are returnable with a restocking fee.