Let's work together to build the Turnabout community and help spread the word of resale. Check out our Professional Programs below to learn how a partnership with Turnabout could benefit your business!

Influencer Pull Program

Turnabout is thrilled with the growing interest in second-hand / consignment retail within the fashion community. We support your creative endeavours and wish to encourage growth in this industry. Turnabout offers a pull program to reward shoppers and consignors who share their Turnabout purchase/experience online or through social media and blog posts.

How it works: Approved persons are encouraged to borrow - up to five items - for a maximum of 48 hrs from any of our seven locations in the Lower Mainland with the understanding that they are required to give credit to Turnabout for any posts including product from our stores. Credit may be given in the form of social media tagging, mention or citation. Turnabout reserves the right to use this content for our own promotion. See our contract below!